We are the Autocephalous Orthodox Catholic Churches of the Americas. We are an independent group that has left mainstream groups. We worship, preach, and teach in the ancient ways of Christianity. This may not be the way that many modern Christians believe it to be through the lies and deceptions that are taught in the modern world. The ancient Christian Church was the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church from the beginning and we continue in this manner bringing the faith to you who are seeking it.

Today’s modern so-called Christian churches do not follow the commandments nor the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. We are Trinitarian; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in and teach the Real Presence of Jesus the Christ in the Bread and Wine which becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus the Christ after the consecration by a Priest. In our liturgical worship we have a bishop who is Eastern Liturgy, a bishop who is Western Liturgy, a Bishop who uses the old Celtic Lorrha/Stowe Missal Liturgy.

We are always looking for those who are seeking to become ordained Priests, we do not ordain women, we do not ordain homosexuals, we do ordain married men to the Priesthood as well as consecrated to the Bishopric. We make no apologies for standing up for Jesus the Christ in today’s world.